About Us

About Us

Jake and Dan

Having tried for many years with various different types of natural grasses to make our backyards a fun space as well as attractive. However with the harsh conditions of the area, hot sun in summer, poor soil, low rainfall, to name a few we were continuously fighting an uphill battle. Eventually we decided to try something different to get a better result which didn’t involve expensive reticulation systems, bucket loads of fertilizer, constant weeding and mowing (when there was lawn to mow). What we discovered as you might guess was artificial lawn. We were a bit hesitant at first to go down this path as the first thoughts that sprang to mind when thinking about fake grass was bright green, plastic looking putting greens giving the kids carpet burn every time they fell over. However we decided to do some investigation anyway and what we found surprised us. Artificial grass has come a long way in last few years, the options now available are far superior to things in the past and can cater for almost any grass need. We were very impressed and both decided to give something new a try. After selecting the artificial lawn we liked the look, feel and quality of we went about the install.

After using the fake for a couple of years now we have learnt a lot, made a few mistakes along the way but overall have been extremely pleased that we made the switch. Through our experiences from out trades in landscaping and concreting we decided to create this website to share our learnings and give some helpful recommendations. Since starting off with simple outdoor lawn we have now branched out into using and reviewing other fake grass products such as putting greens, pet pottys as well as various rugs and carpets.

DIY vs Professional Install

Both us of us are pretty handy around the yard as we both work in construction type industries. However it may pay to think about the size of the job you are going to take on when it comes to putting down fake grass, and whether this is a DIY install job or you are going to need a few extra hands with skill in this area.

A rough guide will be as follows, anything over x square feet you need to do some prep work..see out install guide. Other small projects whether indoors or outdoors should be easily manageable by yourself, things like patio pottys for the dog, small indoor putting greens or stool coverings should be no problem. There may still be some specialty projects that while only use a small amount of grass may be tricky to do well and may require professional assistance.

We hope that you find the reviews, information and guides on this site helpful for all your grass related queries. Also please hit us up from the contact us page for any specific queries on the topics discussed.