The New Carpet For Your Living Space: Artificial Grass Carpet

Fake Grass Carpet in Living Room

Fake grass or artificial turf has been around since the 1950s. It was first created to be used on sports fields that had difficulty maintaining real grass because of the climate in different areas. The Houston Astros were the first major league team to use this artificial turf, which is why it is sometimes referred to as Astroturf.

Since that time, fake grass has come a long way. The uses for this artificial turf have evolved throughout the years. What was once a great option for sports fields and as an alternative to natural grass yards, artificial grass carpet is now finding a place inside the home as well.

Demand For Artificial Grass Carpet

Throughout the years the demand for fake grass has become quite high. It is for this reason that many more traders have started to sell this extremely innovative product. To use indoors, artificial grass carpets are available. These fake grass rugs are sold by the square foot, which makes it easy for homeowners to place a fake grass rug in any area of the home.

Rolled Fake Grass Carpet

Since artificial grass carpet can be cut into specific sizes and meet different requirements, it has become quite easy to style and design in order to provide any home with a unique face lift.

Using Indoor Grass Carpet

There are a wide variety of uses for artificial grass carpet. For example, some event specialists are opting to use a fake grass carpet for covering surfaces when they are styling and organizing an outdoor event. These artificial grass carpets are used because they can provide a great surface for the event without worrying about holes, mud, or other issues that arise when planning outdoor events on real grass.

In addition, an outdoor grass carpet will add a dimension to an outdoor venue by providing the natural element that will create an atmosphere that is relaxed, balanced, and extremely welcoming.

Installed Fake Grass Carpet in Living Room

Fake grass rugs can be used at poolside events because it will help provide safety by making the area around the pool dry even when splashes of water are coming out of the swimming pool.

When fake grass rugs are used for parties it provides a bit of character and it will give the event the feeling of being elegant and well-kept.

Uses For Indoor Grass Carpet

There are many benefits of using artificial grass rugs indoors as well. For example, a fake grass rug can be placed in an area where children will be playing. With the fake grass rug placed in the children’s area, the children will be provided with a safe area to play, run, and explore, all while experiencing the look and feel of being outdoors.

Fake Grass Carpet in Playing Room

If children fall down on the fake grass carpets, the carpet will provide a soft cushion for them to land on. The rubber backing that is found on most fake grass rugs will not slip, so you can rest assured that these rugs will stay in place and provide a bit of a safety net while your children are playing and exploring.

If there are areas of your floor that are chipped, stained, or cracked, you can use an artificial grass carpet to easily cover these areas. These fake grass rugs will bring a new element to any room and look great. It is quite easy to use these rugs in any type of decorating scheme, especially if you are trying to create a natural look within your home.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Artificial Grass Carpet

There are several factors that should be considered when you are purchasing artificial grass rugs for your home. If you are using the fake grass outdoors you will want to make sure that it looks similar to the real grass that you have in your yard. It is important to choose an outdoor fake grass carpet that has high density grass blades so that it appears real.

Touching Fake Grass with Feets

The feel of a fake grass carpet is also important to consider. The denser the fake grass, the more luxurious it is going to feel. The material that is used to create the fake grass carpet is also going to play a role in how it will feel.

Grass carpet should not be abrasive and should have a soft feel too it. This is especially important if you are considering using the fake carpet in a play area for your children.

In order to choose the right fake grass carpet for your needs it is a good idea to visit a showroom first. This will provide you with the opportunity to see the different kinds of artificial grasses that are available. Once you have determined which type of artificial grass will best suit your needs you can then purchase it online.

Artificial Fake Grass Carpet

The color of your fake grass rug is also important. Recently manufacturers have started creating artificial turf in many different colors. If you are looking for something that looks like real grass, you are going to want to stick to a blend of greens. However, if you want to be a bit spontaneous, you can choose artificial grass rugs in different colors to match your decor.


Throughout the years artificial turf has come a long way. From the first times that it was used on athletic fields to being used in yards around the country, to now being used for indoor decorating, artificial grass has become extremely popular.

Green Artificial Grass Rug

There are many ways to use artificial grass carpet, both inside and outside of your home. When considering fake grass for your home it is important to consider first the area that you would want to place a fake grass carpet in. You can use these carpets to create great outdoor spaces that are safe for a kids play area or you can bring the outdoors in by using artificial grass rugs to create a great indoor space.

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