Dog Poop and Pee – Effects on Real Grass vs Synthetic Grass

dog pee stains on grass

Getting a pet is a lot of responsibility. For some, it symbolizes their maturity, as it is taking care of another living and breathing being.

Dogs are one of the most common house pets in the United States and are a lot of fun, however they can be a little messy at times. A common concern people have when thinking about buying a dog is whether the dog poop or pee is going to ruin their grass or garden. Today we are going to cover this as well as some other handy tips for your dog!

Potty Training Your Dogs

The first thing you must know when you get a pet is how to potty train them. You would not want your home to smell bad do you? The smell of dog poop tends to stick and last, which may take a lot of your energy and time to eliminate. So, minimize these chances and save your time.

This is an important step for you to go through to have a long, peaceful ad happy life with your pet commitment; remember that house soiling is one of the main reasons why dogs tend to lose their homes or even end up in a shelter.

Before you get your new pet, designate a spot for him where he can do the nasty like pee and potty; and as soon as you get to take him home, let him get used to that spot. One of the most advisable spots for your dogs to do his thing is on the yard, where he can dig up the soil and grass (as that is their hobby). However this might not be very exciting to you? This may be a good reason to consider artificial turf for the backyard or at least as a pee pad.

dog potty training

What is the Effect of Dog Poop and Pee to Your Grass?

It had been believed for the longest time that dog poop is a natural fertilizer for your plants, and that it is a natural spot for your pets to do their things – on your lawn.

Far from what is believed, pet poop and pee on your lawn may actually not be a good thing at all. It is also important that you consider the different effects of having dog poop on your lawn.

  • If your dog is used to poop and pee on the same spot, in quite some time, you will notice that the spot is visible and can easily be identified as it causes a discoloration than that of the natural grass. Your dog’s pee produces nitrogen that can be a bit too much for the grass to handle, especially on a regular basis.
  • As for your dog’s poop, it releases nitrogen slowly, but leaving it for a long time sitting on your lawn can lead to a negative effect on your grass; and this may cause your lawn to have a lot of dead spots.
  • It had been discovered that there are about 23 million faecal coliform bacteria that can be found in a single gram of dog poop. These bacteria are known to have had cause cramps, diarrhoea, some intestinal problems and sometimes even lead to kidney related disorders in humans.

dog poop on grass

Yes, it takes commitment to take care of a pet, but it is also a whole lot of responsibility. You are responsible for a community, for your home, yourself and of course, your dog; which is why you should know the different risks you are putting yourself through when you do not handle responsibly where your dog poops and pees. Here are ways to reverse the effects caused to your lawn:

  • You can set a time for you to take your dog out for a walk, wherein they can find another spot to poop and pee on which is not yours or anyone’s lawn
  • At an early stage, train your dogs to NOT do the deed on your lawn at all; or if you could not stop them from going to your yard or lawn, just monitor the times they go there and possibly water immediately the spots they urinate and poop on to dilute the nitrogen that it produces.

dog potty training

 Pooping and Peeing on Artificial or Synthetic Grass

Okay, so we kind of have a foundation already of the effects and risks of letting your dogs do their nasty deeds on your lawn and just letting it be. Now, pet product companies have addressed this problem by providing different alternatives on where you can potty train your pets.

Aside from using a disposable diaper for the little dogs, one of the most useful and effective alternative made is the synthetic grass set. Using artificial grass is something you might want to consider when you potty train your dog, and here are the reasons why:

  • They are green and soft, which resembles just that of a real lawn grass, this way you do not have to constantly monitor whether or not your pets are on the yard.
  • You do not have to water it, because well it is artificial. The only time to clean it up is when there are poops and pees.
  • This will help lessen your worries that your dog will dig up the soil when looking for a comfortable spot to do their deed.

fake grass play area for dogs

Although, along with it comes quite the disadvantages as well which you may want to consider:

  • Since it is made out of plastic, it is very sensitive to the environment. So, during the summer or hot weather days, this spot can be too warm for your dogs to be comfortable with.
  • There is no actual longevity advice yet on how long the artificial grass will last after frequent urination of your pet.
  • This does not really eliminate the health issues associated with dog poops ad urination on natural grass, but makes it easier to deal with.

Having a pet is a huge decision to make, which is why before anything else, you should consider the big picture. Make sure that you can take on the responsibility to actively ensure your community’s health and that you can handle your dog and his nasty things well to avoid spreading or increase in some disorders.


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