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Fake grass is becoming more and more popular these days. With many areas experiencing droughts, keeping a real grass yard is becoming more unrealistic. With a fake grass yard there is no need to water, mow, weed it, or use any type of chemicals on it. This makes it much more user friendly than regular grass.

One product to consider for your indoor or outdoor artificial grass needs is the LITA Realistic indoor/outdoor grass mat.

About LITA Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass

This realistic looking artificial grass from LITA is made of high quality UV resistant polypropylene and polyethylene yarns. The fake grass mat uses a spine yarn design in order to ensure that what you get is a very high density fake grass.

LITA Realistic indooroutdoor Artificial Grass

The backing is a layer of polypropylene that is sealed with a high quality rubber backing that is waterproof. The double backing ensures that the fake grass rug has a good amount of stability.

The fake grass has been tested for durability, fire resistance, and color degradation. The color of this mat will withstand the test of time. When you install this fake grass in your home or in your yard you can rest assured that it will remain the same color for many years to come.

The weight per square yard is approximately 70 ounces. The blades of grass have been designed in a way so that they will stand up straight without using any type of infill to keep them in place. However, if you are installing the fake grass in a high traffic area it is a good idea to use an infill product to keep the mats in place.

LITA Realistic indooroutdoor Artificial Grass Installation

Installation of this fake grass mat is quite simple. You will first need to prepare the area where you want it installed. Next you will add a layer of crushed rock. Make sure that the area is smooth and flat. Next, roll out the grass mat to fit the area. You can use glue, create seams, or staple the mats together in order to create a unique area in your yard or in your home.

LITA realistic indoor/outdoor grass comes in several different sizes. It can be used to create a fun indoor space such as in a mud room where you keep your dirty shoes. You can also use it to create an entire backyard of fake grass. Another option is to lay it on your patio or deck to create a safe space for your children to play. This is also a great fake grass to use for a dog run so that your pet has a place to play and relieve himself without ruining the rest of your yard.

What Customers Say

LITA realistic indoor/outdoor artificial grass currently has 34 reviews on Amazon. With these reviews the product has an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Most of the consumers who purchased this product were extremely happy with it.

LITA Realistic indooroutdoor Artificial Grass Backside

The positive reviews of the product state that the fake grass really does look and feel just like the real thing. One person had installed it in their outdoor space in a small urban environment. The consumer stated that he receives compliments on it all the time.

Another positive review of the product states that it is much nicer and stronger than was expected. They stated that the fake grass dries really quickly after it gets wet. It is easy to maintain and looks great in their space.

The lowest review of the product was 3 stars. This person stated that the color of the LITA realistic grass was not what they expected as it does not look as green as is shown in the pictures. This was the only complaint as they said the product is sturdy and that the backing is of a good quality.

Buying advice

For those who are looking to replace their real grass with fake grass, the realistic quality of this fake grass made by LITA is a good choice. This fake grass can be used for either an indoor space or an outdoor space.

LITA Realistic indoor/outdoor Artificial Grass
4.7 Star Rating

It comes in several different sizes, which means that you can use it in any type of area that you may have. You can cut larger pieces down to easily fit into the space that you have in mind.

If you are using the fake grass over a hard surface such as a deck or a patio you can lay an absorbent padding down first in order to create a softer space.

If using the fake grass indoors you can simply glue it down to the area that you would like it in.

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality fake grass to use, this fake grass from LITA has a lot to offer and definitely should be considered.


There are many reasons to consider adding a fake grass element to your home. If you live in an area where it is tough to keep real grass alive, fake grass can be a wonderful alternative. One of the nicest things about installing fake grass outside of your home is that it is really easy to take care of.

LITA Realistic Artificial Grass Installed in Yard

In order to maintain fake grass you will simply need to hose it off every once in awhile to keep it clean. You can also use a rake or a broom on the lawn in order to keep the blades standing tall. This will ensure that your fake lawn lasts for a long time.

The LITA realistic indoor/outdoor artificial grass provides a high quality choice when it comes to choosing fake grass for your yard. You can find a size of this realistic looking grass that will meet your needs.

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