Creating The Perfect Backyard Putting Green

Putting Green in Backyard

Golf is a fun pastime for many people throughout the world. This is a game that anyone at any age can learn how to play. However, while anyone can play the game, not everyone is good at it.

One of the reasons that many people fail to improve their golf game is that they spend the majority of their time at the driving range and skip working on their putting skills. If you really want to improve your golf game, it is important to practice your putting skills.

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The greens are truly where golf matches are won and lost. Putting greens for backyard provide a great way for you to be able to practice your putting skills.

When you think of outdoor putting greens your backyard, you may wonder if you have the space to install one. The good news is, there are fake putting greens backyard that will fit into even the smallest of spaces. Some indoor putting greens can even be rolled up and stored when they are not in use.

If you have an extra room in your house you can easily install an indoor putting green. Often times you will find that installing a fake grass carpet in a room will be a lot cheaper than putting in any other type of new flooring in the space.

If you own a home and have a yard of any size, putting in a backyard putting green is a great option. You can create a fun space for you and your friends and family to enjoy some great putting games all while improving your golf game.

How Much Does A Backyard Putting Green Cost

One of the biggest concerns/questions that people have when thinking about installing an outdoor fake grass putting green is how much it is going to cost. Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer.

Generally speaking, a typical outdoor putting green will cost about $15 to $25 a square foot. The price of a backyard putting green will vary based on the type of green that is chosen, the size of the green to be installed, as well as a few other factors.

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When it comes to determining the cost of your backyard putting green, the size is going to affect the price. This is pretty obvious as a larger green will require more materials and often will take more time to install.

Type Of Greens

The type of green that is chosen for your at home installation is also going to affect the price. There are different types of fake grass that can be used to create your outdoor putting green. You can create a green that has multiple turfs to form a putting surface, fringe, and different cuts.

Different Types of Fake Grass

This outdoor putting green will require infill systems, barriers, and large amounts of compacted rocks. In comparison, an indoor putting area may only require padding, a turf, and the time/labor to install it.

Location And Preparation

Where the site is located and how accessible it is for getting the materials and equipment to it will impact the amount of time it takes to install your outdoor putting green. There are some homes that do not have a lot of access to the area and the installation crew will have to carry in gravel by hand. Other homes have wide open access to them and machines can easily be accommodated.

In addition, the amount of sodding, grading, and adding walls or other landscaping to prepare the area for your green will impact the price greatly.


When looking for a backyard putting green many people will also see some of the great features that can be added such as dry creeks, water hazards, tee boxes, and bunkers. While these features are not going to affect the cost of the green, they will affect the price of the overall project based on what is chosen.

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There are many ways that a backyard putting green can be installed. Hiring a professional to install your new backyard putting green provides the security in knowing that your fake grass putting green is going to be installed correctly. However, it is possible to install your outdoor putting green by yourself.

The cost of installation will vary based on the company that is chosen as well as all of the other factors listed above. Doing the installation yourself can help cut down on this cost, but you will need to be careful when installing your outdoor putting green to make sure that you take all of the appropriate steps to ensure that you have a great outdoor space to practice your putting on.


When it comes to the game of golf, putting is often described as being the game within the game. Hitting a long drive is much different than hitting a 5 foot putt to save par. However, both hitting a 300 yard drive to the fairway and nailing a 10 foot putt both go on your scorecard, making each an important aspect of the game.

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If you truly want to improve your overall game it is important to make sure that you are taking the time to practice putting. Putting practice is often something that the average golfer will overlook when trying to improve their golf game. The main reason for this is because most people tend to think that putting is the easiest part of the game, after all it is just a simple stroke to get the ball into the cup.

However, putting can be difficult because of different green speeds, the type of greens that are used, as well as dips and valleys within the green that can quickly change the direction of the ball. If you are looking for a fun way to relax while improving your golf game at the same time, an outdoor putting green at your home is a great way to do both.

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