Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed

Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed

A rubber backed synthetic turf can solve many of the issues that you may have when it comes to trying to keep live grass green throughout the year. Trying to maintain a regular grass yard is a difficult process. You have to water it, mow it, fertilize it, and fill in areas from time to time. If you have pets or children, trying to keep up with the maintenance of a real grass yard can be time consuming and nearly impossible.

Premium synthetic grass can replace your real grass lawn. Fake grass has come a long ways throughout the years and the products that are offered today are very realistic looking. In fact, when installed properly most people cannot even tell that this grass is not real.

Taking care of synthetic grass is fairly easy. You will simply need to hose it off every once in awhile to keep it clean. It will stay green for many years and there is no need to worry about it dying during periods of drought or other inclement weather situations.

Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed

This fake grass is easy to install by yourself or you can hire a professional installation company to do the work for you. The toughest part will be preparing the area where the fake grass will be installed as you will want to make sure the area is completely level.

About Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed

This premium synthetic turf is made in the United States of America. It is made from top quality materials and has been made to last. There are currently over 50 different sizes available, which means that you can find an appropriate size for any project that you have in mind.

The backing is made from rubber and is very sturdy. There are also drainage holes on the backing so that water will pass right through the turf and into the soil underneath.

Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed Blade Height

Since the backing has drainage holes it is ideal for homeowners who have pets that will be using the yard. Urine will pass right through the turf and there is no need to worry about brown or yellowing areas. You can rinse the area from time to time to get rid of any excess urine that remains. For solid waste simply remove it as you normally would and then rinse the area as needed.

This is the perfect fake grass to use on terraces, for your garden, for an entire yard, or for a small space.

As mentioned, you can choose from several different sizes in order to meet the needs for your space. These mats can be stapled or glued together in order to create a larger area of fake grass. You can also cut a larger sized mat into smaller squares to best suit your space.

What Customers Say

There have been 18 reviews of this product on Amazon. The average customer review rating for this synthetic grass is 4.7 out of five stars. This means that most people are overall fairly happy with their purchase of this product.

Holding Fake Grass in Hand

The color of the fake grass is something that many consumers admire. It has an extremely realistic color. Customers also say the fake grass is dense and thick, making it seem even more realistic. The blades are different lengths and widths to add to the depth of the fake grass.

Several customers report that when you first look at the synthetic turf it is hard to tell that it is really synthetic. It looks just like really well kept live grass. One customer even said that it is extremely soft and great for sitting and lying on.

One of the complaints found about the product is that the rubber backing is not as thick as it looks in some of the pictures. The customer does say that the rubber is sturdy enough to support the grass and is heavy enough to sit flat with just a few anchors in place.

Buying Advice

When purchasing fake grass for our yard there are several options available. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available. Most of these synthetic products are eco-friendly and provide a solution to your problem of maintaining a real grass yard.

Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed on White Background
4.7 Star Rating

With this particular product you will find a synthetic grass that looks realistic and comes in at a price that is affordable to most. There are several sizes of premium synthetic turf available so you will easily be able to find one that meets your particular needs.

You can use this turf for your entire yard. From the reviews on Amazon, most people are surprised at how durable this product is and how easy it is to install. It can also be used for smaller areas such as patios, decks, small gardens, or even on a balcony to provide your pet with a grassy area in which to lie.


Deciding whether or not to install synthetic grass in your yard is a big decision. There are many types of synthetic grass from which to choose and you will want one that looks realistic. When you choose this premium synthetic turf you will likely be pleased with all this product has to offer.

Dog Sitting on Premium Synthetic Turf Size 46 oz Rubber Backed

You will be able to lay this synthetic grass down in your yard and most people will never even know that it is not real. This particular premium synthetic grass is a great choice for a small area of your yard or the entire thing, whichever you desire. The color is fantastic and it is a very durable product that will last for many years to come.

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