Star Pro’s 15’x20′ 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green

StarPro's 15'x20' 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green in Gym

If you talk to any professional golfer or golf coach in the world about how to improve your game, they are all going to tell you the same thing. You need to practice your putting game. Most people ignore the putting aspect of their golf game because they find it more rewarding to go to the driving range and hit the long balls.

Most amateur golfers do not realize that forty percent of your overall golf game is made up of putting. While this seems like a high number, when you really sit down and think about the game of golf you will quickly realize that is number is not so outrageous.

When you go to the driving range, take some time to practice on the putting green as well. This will improve your golf game immensely. An even better way to practice your putting skills is to purchase an at home putting green to use.

Holding Fake Grass in Hand

There are several factors to consider when you are going out to purchase an at home putting green. These include size, cost, and your particular needs. You also should consider the speed, true roll, and durability that is provided by the product.

When it comes to practice putting greens, one good quality choice is the 15 by 20 foot 5 hole professional putting green from StarPro.

About Star Pro's Professional Practice Putting Green

This professional practice putting green from StarPro provides you with a great opportunity to perfect your putting swing, which will in turn lower your overall golf scores.

StarPro's 15'x20' 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green Holes

This professional putting green is cut to half an inch. It is then coated with 5 layer non-slip rubber. This fake grass provides a true roll for your putts. One of the benefits of this green is that it offers 5 holes to practice with. There is a 9 hole tournament pattern that provides a lot of challenging putts for you to help better your accuracy.

There are both indoor and outdoor cups provided with this practice green. These cups both work in the same way as regular golf holes. A ball that is hit correctly will remain in the hole and one that is hit poorly will miss.

This green is perfect for practicing your chipping as well as your putting. The cups that are used are extremely realistic and do not require you to drill holes in the yard or in your floor or even hassle with uneven turf. These cups have been designed to ensure the ball will remain in the hole if it is hit the right way. If it is not hit correctly, it will bounce out of the hole. The five holes are strategically placed to allow you to make use of the entire area.

StarPro's 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green Ball Pull Markers

This is not a putting green surface that you will find at a family rec center. This is a high quality turf product that is resistant to wear and tear. It will last for many years whether it is installed indoors or outdoors.

Another great thing about this particular practice putting green is that it is very versatile. Up to four people can play on this putting green at the same time. This allows you to have fun nights with your friends or with your families.

What Customers Say

Currently there is only a single customer review about this product on Amazon. This customer gave the product 5 stars and simply said that it is great.

StarPro's 15'x20' 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green

Since there is only one review, let’s look at some of the pros and cons to consider about this particular practice putting green.


  • Perfect for an office, in a game room, at training facilities, in a basement, or for a backyard.
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Realistic turf and cups
  • Non-directional surface
  • Tough and durable rubber base

Basically this grass has very few cons but that comes at a high installation cost and high price of the grass itself. But for this type of quality it should be worth to pay a higher price.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a real feel putting green to practice on, you really cannot get much better than this professional practice putting green. It is made from high quality filaments that are well-trimmed. The turf truly does look and feel like some of the best greens on the best golf courses in the world.

StarPro's 15'x20' 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green
5.0 Star Rating

It offers players the chance to go for long, short, and exciting putts from all over the surface. Both professional golfers and amateurs will benefit from using this practice putting green.

When you are trying to choose a putting turf you want it to be as real as possible. This putting green offers the perfect choice.


Improving your putting game is extremely important if you want to become a better golfer. Putting makes up a huge part of the game. If you can drive the ball 300 yards and hit the green in 2, it is not going to make much of a difference if you cannot sink your putts in order to save your strokes.

As with everything in life, practice really does make perfect. A lot of what goes into putting is repetition. Learning how to swing your putter just the right way with just the right amount of strength is the best way to improve your overall putting game.

Pencil on StarPro's 15'x20' 5-Hole Professional Practice Putting Green

The only way to truly get the repetition that you need in order to practice your putting is by purchasing an at home putting green. This particular 15 by 20 foot professional putting green is a very high quality product. With that high quality comes a higher price tag.

If this particular practice putting green is not currently in your budget, consider one of the cheaper options. There are decent sized putting greens available at lower prices. However, when choosing one to meet your budget, make sure that you get the highest quality product available that you can afford.

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