Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn

Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn in Backyard

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to never have to mow your yard? Perhaps you have watched a sporting event on television and marveled over how green and perfect the field always is and wished that it could be the same with your yard.

If you hate the thought of mowing, raking, watering, and just taking care of your yard, perhaps it is time to start considering artificial grass. Many people are simply too tired and too busy to take care of real grass these days. For this reason, many are turning to using artificial grass in their yards instead.

The good news is that there are many great types of artificial grass currently available on the market. From small grass carpets used to add something extra to a patio, to larger carpets for the entire yard, there is really an artificial grass for everyone.

About Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass

This synthetic turf artificial grass by synturfmats is a good choice for gardens, play yards, balconies, rooftops, villas, parks, pet areas, around swimming pools, gardens, and even for house decorations.

Children Castle on Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn in Backyard

This artificial grass has a light colored appearance that is very natural. It is really soft and it feels and looks just like real grass. It is very eco-friendly and will last a very long time. It does not release any type of toxic chemicals which makes it safe for the environment and also great for both pets and children to play on.

The artificial turf has UV protection which will help prevent wear and tear from weather and also prevents it from fading in the sun.

The blades of the artificial grass measure 30 mm. This is a moderate length of grass. When searching for an artificial grass for your yard a good note is that the longer the blade the more lush and realistic the appearance.

Trampoline on Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn

This artificial turf grass comes in a number of different sizes. The 6 foot by 15 foot size provides a good sized piece of artificial grass to create a decent outdoor space. You can purchase a smaller size or several pieces of this turf and cut it to size in order to meet any needs that you have.

A utility knife can be used to cut and fit the grass into place. You can seam several pieces together in order to create the exact space that you desire.

What Customers Say

Currently there are only 16 reviews on Amazon for this product. The rating for the artificial turf is 4.0 out of five stars.

Green Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn in Backyard

While there are only a handful of reviews available for the synthetic turf artificial grass lawn by Synturfmats, it is important to note that Synturfmats has developed a name for itself as offering high quality artificial grass products.

Consumers who have purchased and reviewed this product are relatively happy with what they receive. The color of the lawn looks like real grass and consumers state that the artificial turf is very durable.

One of the complaints about the product is that the blades of fake grass were a bit shorter than the consumer expected. However, the product is working well for use with his dogs.

Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Backside

Another complaint about the product is about the way that it was shipped. Instead of being rolled, the artificial grass was instead folded. This created creases in the fake grass and it is difficult to get the creases out so the fake grass will lay flat.

The positive reviews state that the product came in exactly as it was described. People have used this product in several different types of outdoor areas and love that it looks just like real grass. People that purchased the item for use with their pets were happy to report that their dogs seemed to enjoy lying on the fake grass, playing on it, and will use it for their bathroom needs.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for an alternative to your natural grass yard simply because you are tired of taking care of it, choosing a high quality artificial grass such as this one from Synturfmats is a great option.

Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn in Backyard on White Background
4.0 Star Rating

This particular fake grass lawn does not have a lot of reviews yet available. However, the people who have reviewed the product have been very happy with the product. One of the main reasons to consider this particular fake grass is because it comes in at a decent price point for the product that you get.

This is a mid-level artificial grass that can be used for small yards, courtyards, patios, and can even be pieced together in order to create a large outdoor space of fake grass.


When it comes to taking care of a real grass lawn it can be a real pain in the rear. It is extremely difficult to take care of real grass as it is very temperamental. Real grass requires water, fertilizer, and mowing. This entire process can be quite time consuming and even if you spend the time and the money required, you can end up with a grass that is still not green and full.

Synturfmats Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn on Balcony

Choosing a quality artificial grass is a great alternative to taking care of a real grass lawn. With artificial grass you do not have to worry about mowing, watering, fertilizing, or even filling in areas that die off. With synthetic grass you will have very little maintenance to worry about.

This synthetic turf from synturfmats is a good quality product that can be used to create a wonderful outdoor space for you and your children to enjoy. It is also perfect for pet owners as dogs will not be able to dig it up and when they relieve themselves on synthetic grass it is very easy to clean up.

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