Using Fake Grass For Dogs

Dog Sleeping on Grass

If you have a dog you already know how difficult it is to take care of your real grass lawn. Not only do you have to clean up your dog’s bathroom messes, chances are that you have to fill in holes all of the time. In addition, you have to mow the grass, fertilize areas, and try your best to keep your yard looking nice.

Some pet owners who are simply tired of trying to keep up with their lawn are turning to fake grass. Fake grass provides a low maintenance, durable alternative to conventional grass lawns. These fake grass lawns are gaining in popularity for use in front and back yards, for play areas, and for creating dog runs.

Bunch of Dogs Playing on Fake Grass

There are several reasons that people are attracted to this landscaping option, including the chance to save money on monthly maintenance costs as well as conserving water and energy. Fake grass for pets also means that you never have to aerate, mow, weed, water or edge again.

Another common reason for choosing fake grass for landscaping is so that you have a lush lawn that is a gorgeous shade of green all year long. In climates that are hot and dry most of the year, homeowners can enjoy having a beautiful lawn even in the middle of summer without having to worry about watering natural grass to keep it from drying out or dying.

What Fake Grass Is Like Today

When someone mentions the option of fake grass, many people think back to the type of turf that was used on a miniature golf course years ago or even the turf that was first used on some athletic fields many years ago.

Two Mens Playing Golf on Putting Grass

The earliest forms of fake grass looked and felt like green plastic carpet. This is not something that many people would want to put in their yards and is not even the type of ground cover that you would want your pets or children to play on. Unfortunately, this is what most people think of when they think of fake grass because it is the only thing that they are familiar with.

The truth is, synthetic grass today is something that you have likely seen around town or in your neighborhood and you likely did not even realize that it was fake grass. This is because there have been major advancements in manufacturing and the quality of materials that are used.

These advancements have completely transformed the old plastic looking grass mats that were once used into a wonderful landscaping option that provides a natural feel and look. It makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and fake grass these days.

Another concern for some homeowners is the safety of fake grass. This is tied to the older manufactured fake grass products, which are no longer in use.

Dog Playing with Ball on Fake Grass

If you own a dog and are thinking about using fake grass for your lawn or to create a dog run or even to create a green space on a patio or balcony, you might be wondering how it compares to natural grass, how pet friendly it really is, and how it will hold up to frequent use.

Read on to learn more about the safety, durability, maintenance requirements and just how pet friendly fake grass really is.

Is Fake Grass Safe For Dogs

Safety is one of the biggest concerns that people have when they are considering fake grass for their landscaping. One concern is whether this synthetic grass product will increase the exposure to lead to their pets and their family.

Dog Puppy Laying on Fake Grass

One of the reasons for this concern is because there were studies conducted on some of the earlier manufactured grass products that showed high amounts of lead. This created a concern about lead exposure for those who spent large amounts of time on this artificial grass.

Exposure to lead is linked to a number of health concerns such as cognitive impairment, peripheral neuropathy, and behavioral problems in children. For this reason, it is good that pet owners and parents are quick to question whether or not current fake grass options pose this risk.

Newer lawn alternatives do not only look and feel much better than the older options on the market, but they also have no traces of lead that are detectable. The major turf manufacturers and the Center for Environmental Health entered into an agreement in the year 2008 to ensure that synthetic turf products would no longer pose this health risk.

Kids Sitting on Fake Grass with Their Dog

This means that if you choose a reputable fake grass company, you can rest assured that exposure to lead is not an issue.

However, this does not mean that all synthetic grass is safe for pets or children. If you own a home and have synthetic grass in the yard that was installed before you bought the house and you do not know how old it is, it is a good idea to have the lead levels of the synthetic grass tested.

What About Bacteria And Chemicals

Another consideration when it comes to deciding whether or not manufactured turf is safe for pets is the chemical exposure and bacterial growth in comparison to natural grass.

Holding Fake Grass For Dogs

When it comes to natural lawns, chemical use is abundant. Most natural grass will require herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to help it look its best and to keep bugs away. There are some organic options available to use to care for your natural lawn, but if you hire a landscaping company to help care for your lawn it will be difficult to ensure that they are using only natural products.

If your dog likes to eat grass from your yard, using these chemicals for the care of your lawn can be concerning.

When it comes to fake grass for pets, there are no chemicals required. Overall maintenance of this type of lawn is much less time consuming and simpler than caring for a natural grass lawn.

Mowing Fake Grass

When choosing the best fake grass for dogs you will also want to think about bacteria buildup in areas that your dog frequently uses to relieve himself. These areas tend to turn brown on natural lawns, but they also are home to bacteria that can get into the dirt and be hard to get rid of.

Bacteria build up is not typically a concern with artificial lawns that are properly maintained and especially if an antimicrobial acrylic coated fill is chosen.

Low Maintenance

Now that the safety concerns are out of the way, the next thing that you may be wondering about is how to take care of your artificial grass lawn.

Sign For Dogs on Fake Grass

First, there is no need to use any harsh chemicals on a fake grass lawn. This automatically makes this choice a better one for pet owners who are concerned about chemical exposure.

In addition, fake lawns do not have to be watered, edged, aerated, or mowed. This will save you a ton of time when compared to taking care of a conventional yard.

Now the real question pet owners have is how to clean up their pet waste from an artificial turf lawn.

To clean up solid waste, you can use the same method that was used for your conventional lawn. Simply pick it up and remove it from the fake grass. Once it is removed you can simply hose down the area to remove additional debris.

For liquid waste you can simply hose the areas that your dog frequently uses. There will be no worrying about creating a muddy puddle and you will not have to worry about the fake grass dying.

Man Laying Fake Grass

You may also want to spray down the area where your dog has relieved himself with a water/vinegar mixture if you want to make sure that any bacteria in the area cannot take hold.

Another great thing about fake grass for pets is that if you have a dog that is a digger, you will no longer have to worry about filling in holes. Synthetic turf is completely durable and dogs find this ground cover less inviting when they are looking for a place to dig. No more filling in holes and planting more grass seed over and over again.

Product Recommendations

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Now that we have covered the safety and the maintenance of fake grass for dogs, let’s look at some of the products that are available to help you create a great outdoor space for your pet to use.

Three Lays of Fake Grass

Some of these mats can be used indoors or outdoors. This first set of products are small fake grass mats that can be used to help train your pup. These are also great for those who own smaller homes, have limited outdoor space, or live in an apartment or condo with just a balcony.

Small Fake Grass Training Mats

Here are some of the best​ Small Fake Grass Training Mats!

Synturfmats Indoor/Outdoor Pet Potty Patch


  • 3 layer training pad for medium and large dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Features plastic insert for liquid to drain
  • Measures 20 x 30 x 1.25 inches
  • Eco-friendly materials


This fake grass mat provides a unique solution for pet owners. It is the perfect choice for when you get home late and need to quickly let your dog out or for when you cannot let your dog outside because of the weather. It is also great for training your puppy.

Synturfmats Indoor Outdoor Pet Potty Patch

This mat is made from fake grass material that looks and feels just like the real thing. The fake grass mat is weather proof so you can leave it out on your patio or on a balcony. If you are looking for a designated space for your dog to relieve himself, this artificial indoor/outdoor grass mat provides the perfect solution.

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PAW Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Restroom For Pets


  • Use for training puppies
  • Synthetic grass mat
  • Great for indoor use
  • Can be used outdoors on patios
  • Durable collection tray
  • Measures 20 x 25 x 1.25


For pet owners who have to be away from home for long periods of time or if your pet simply cannot go outside for whatever reason, this fake grass mat and tray system provides a solution.

Dog on PAW Puppy Potty Trainer Indoor Restroom For Pets

This mat has an organic scent that attracts dogs to it. This will teach them quickly that this is an acceptable place for them to go potty. The mat is on a plastic insert so liquid will drain easily. The insert can be removed and easily cleaned. Just remove and rinse with warm soapy water.

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Prevue Pet Products Tinkle Turf


  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for training, home, or travel
  • Measures 41 and ¼ inch long, 28 and ⅝ inches wide and is 1 and ¼ inch high
  • Lead free turf
  • Protects flooring
  • Soft synthetic turf
  • Lightweight


This pet product is for larger sized dogs. It creates a designated area for your dogs to potty. This is perfect for when you cannot take your dogs outside. The pan will protect your furniture and your flooring. It is great as a training tool for your puppy.

Dog on Prevue Pet Products Tinkle Turf

This product is great for traveling and is the perfect solution for pet owners who have a small space.

It has a low profile so smaller dogs can easily use it and it is large enough that bigger dogs can use it as well.

It is made from a soft fake grass that is certified lead free, making it safe for your pup to use any time. To clean, simply rinse the pan with warm soapy water.

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Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty Training Synthetic Grass


  • Made from anti-microbial material. The fake grass has been treated so it is difficult for bacteria to grow. It also helps absorb odor.
  • Helpful for dogs that cannot get outside
  • Helps potty train your pup quicker
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 layer system: outer layer is fake grass, middle layer is a porous tray that separates the top and bottom layers, and the bottom layer is a self contained tray that will hold urine
  • Similar to grass


This fake grass mat is a good way to avoid your dog having an accident in your home. Your dog can use the potty patch whenever you are not at home and he needs to go. This potty patch is ideal for puppies that need to be trained as well as older dogs that may have difficulty getting outside.

Dog Puppy on Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty Training Synthetic Grass

If you do not have time to take your dog on a walk every time he has to go, this system is the perfect solution. It is also great for those that do not have yards for their dogs to go in. If you do have a yard, but are tired of having areas of dead grass or picking up poop in your yard, the fake grass mat is a good solution.

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Artificial Turf For Lawns And Dog Runs

Here are some of the best ​Artificial Turf For Lawns And Dog Runs!

Premium Artificial Grass Indoor/Outdoor Synthetic Turf


  • Easily cut to meet your needs
  • Eco friendly
  • Rubber backed
  • Grass blade height: 30 mm
  • Drainage holes
  • Easy to clean


This artificial grass is perfect for pet owners as it offers a rubber back that has drainage holes. This allows liquid to go through the turf quite easily. The fake grass can be cut easily so that you can fit it into any space that you have.

Premium Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn in Yard

To clean the turf, simply hose it off as necessary. This makes it quite easy to take care of once you have it installed. It can be used in any outdoor space or area. It can also be safely used indoors. If you would like to create a grassy area inside your home for your pet to lay in, simply prepare the area and lay this artificial grass down. The rubber backing will ensure that it stays in place.

The color is vibrant and looks just like real grass. It is extremely durable and will last for many years.

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Premium Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn


  • Can be cut to fit your exact measurements
  • Eco friendly
  • Drainage holes
  • Grass blades are approximately 25 mm
  • Made from high quality raw materials
  • Rubber backing


This synthetic grass is made from high quality raw materials, which is completely eco-friendly. The turf features drainage holes so that liquid will permeate through quite easily. In addition, the synthetic turf has a rubber backing so that it will stay in place.

Premium Synthetic Turf Artificial Grass Lawn

You can easily cut this premium synthetic turf to create a great outdoor space for your dog. Simply use a utility knife to cut the turf to fit into the space that you have. This turf is great for terraces, garden areas, and entire lawn areas. The height of the grass is around 25 mm.

This is the newest generation of fake grass products. It has a great color and includes monofilaments that help it maintain a realistic look. It can be easily washed with the hose and will last for a very long time.

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Premium Synthetic Turf


  • Works for decks, dog areas, lawns, and terraces
  • Rubber backed
  • Lead free
  • Over 50 sizes are available
  • Made in the United States
  • Drainage holes


This premium synthetic turf is perfect for those who want to use fake grass in a large area. There are more than 50 different sizes of this premium turf available. When ordering you can simply request the size that you need for the space that you have.

Dog on Premium Synthetic Turf

This fake grass is made from the best materials and is completely eco-friendly. Your pet will love the way that this fake grass looks and feels. In fact, your pet will likely not even notice a difference.

The turf is a great color and made with a yarn that helps it look even more realistic. You can easily wash it and it will last for many years.

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When it comes to choosing a product for your lawn, many people do not realize just how great of an option fake grass can be. Artificial grass has come a long way over the years and it now looks and feels more like real grass than ever before.

Dogs Playing on Fake Grass Turf

Aside from being a low maintenance and safe option that is easy to clean and does not require any chemicals, there are many other reasons to choose fake grass for your pets.

For example, as a pet owner chances are you have likely had to scrub muddy paw prints from your carpet or mop your floors or take the time to wipe your dog’s feet every time that they go outside and come back in. With fake grass for pets you will now enjoy a mud free environment.

You can also give your dog a bath or hose him off right on the lawn without worrying about him getting dirty! In addition, you will find that your dog’s coat will stay cleaner as he will not be rolling around in natural grass with soil that is exposed.

Conventional grass can become overrun with bugs such as fleas and ticks. This is no longer an issue when you install fake grass as this is not an inviting area for these parasites that can carry diseases.

Dog Sitting on Fake Grass

If you are a pet owner and you are considering installing fake grass for your pets it is important that you choose one that has drainage. In addition, many fake grass installers will add an extra layer of protection to the area that your dog is going to be using. Make sure that you let the installer know that pets will be using the area where the fake grass will be.

Overall, installing an area of fake grass for your pet can be a great time saver. If you are tired of worrying about mud, pests, and mowing areas of the lawn where your pets are, consider installing fake grass for your pets.

If you do not have a lot of room in your yard, you can find smaller pieces of synthetic grass to use and if you live in an apartment one of the fake grass mats is the perfect way to give your dog a real feel grassy area to relieve himself.

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