Why Choose Outdoor Fake Grass

Picnic on Outdoor Fake Grass

If you own a home chances are you have a yard full of real grass. You already know that taking care of a real grass yard can be a real pain in the rear. You have to mow it, water it, use fertilizer and other chemicals to keep it green, as well as get rid of weeds. All of this work and still at times your yard does not look as good as it could or should.

Taking care of real grass is quite time consuming and involves a great amount of water consumption as well as air pollution from lawn mowers. Overall, real grass is not great for the environment.

Artificial Grass in Playground

These are just a few of the reasons that some people are turning to fake outdoor grass for their homes. Not only homeowners are using fake grass, this artificial turf has long been used in sports stadiums and it is even being used in some towns and by some companies as an alternative for real grass.

Let’s look at some of the areas that fake grass is being used and why.

Fake Outdoor Grass For Sports

Artificial turf is a permanent fixture in the world of sports for many reasons. Some of the reasons sports arenas are continuing to use fake grass for their fields include:

It can be played on more often and for longer periods of time

Fake Grass on Soccer Pitch

Provides the best playing conditions at all times. Natural grass can only hold up for roughly 300 hours of playing hours each season. Fake grass can be played on every day of the week for all hours and withstand the wear and tear.

  • Fake grass is impervious to weather
  • It is well drained, there are no bald patches, mud, or puddles to worry about
  • Can withstand drought
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can last for up to 15 years or more when taken care of

These are just a few of the reasons that artificial turf is used for many different types of sports. In addition, turf can be used both for indoor and outdoor stadiums. It will provide an even playing surface for all types of sports.

This means that there is no need to worry about filling in holes such as those that can appear in real grass fields. Holes and other uneven areas can create dangerous playing conditions. These are avoided when using artificial turf.

Fake Grass For Towns And Gardens

Many people and towns have turned to fake outdoor grass because it allows them more time to enjoy their gardens and less time trying to maintain it. With outdoor fake grass aerating, spraying, and mowing are all things of the past.

Artificial Grass on Balcony

Natural grass does not do well in certain conditions. This means that when the weather is too wet or too dry, your natural grass will either dry out and turn brown, or absorb too much water and die. There is no need to worry about this with artificial turf.

Towns can use artificial grass as an alternative in parks. It works well to create safe playground spaces for children as it provides kids with a soft place to land when playing on equipment.

If you are looking for a maintenance friendly solution for your garden or yard, or if your company would benefit from a touch of green space for your employees, the fake grass that is available today looks natural and is environmentally friendly as there is no wasted water, no air pollution from mowing, no use of harmful pesticides, and it is recyclable.

Fake Grass In Your Garden

If your garden has become more work than pleasure, artificial grass may just be the perfect answer. This type of fake grass is ideal for those who do not have a lot of time, but want to enjoy a little bit of green in their surroundings.

Artificial Grass in Garden

Fake outdoor grass provides an appearance of a perfectly maintained yard in every season. It also solves the problem of trying to grow grass in shady areas, on roof patios, and in areas that surround swimming pools.

Fake Grass In Towns

Many towns and cities are turning to artificial grass in order to create more attractive areas throughout the area. Fake grass can be used in flowerbeds, for parks, on tram lines, roundabouts, along the roadways, and even at airports.

Using artificial grass in these areas will provide a permanent appearance that is superior to regular grass. In addition, the cost of maintenance for these areas is greatly reduced, which will save taxpayers money. Fake grass will last a long time, which means it is a good long term investment for many cities and towns.

Artificial Gras in City Square

Companies Using Fake Grass

As mentioned, fake outdoor grass has many advantages over using real grass. It is easy to maintain and provides the same appearance throughout the year. Companies can use these benefits to their advantage. Fake grass provides a way to create greener spaces around buildings as it can be used in the flowerbeds, in sports facilities for staff, as well as on the roofs. It can also be used indoors for showrooms, at trade fairs, etc.

Many companies will have to comply with environmental standards. Fake grass is made out of environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable. This will be in compliance with many standards that have been set in place.


Using outdoor fake grass for your home, in towns, and by companies is becoming more popular. There are many advantages of using this type of grass for your landscaping needs. Fake grass is recyclable and is environmentally friendly as there is no need to water or mow it.

Artificial Grass in Park

This type of fake outdoor grass can be used for many things. Some people are even using this material to create fun indoor spaces as well. Fake outdoor rugs are perfect for providing your living space with a little bit of green.