Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug

Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug

Chances are that you have seen some type of artificial grass when you have been out and about. Fake grass is not just being used for sporting venues any longer. Many homeowners have also turned to fake grass in order to create a yard that looks great all year long.

Trying to keep a real grass lawn looking good all throughout the year is difficult. Even if you have a lot of time to devote to your yard, chances are there are going to be areas of the grass that simply will not grow right or that will turn brown quite quickly. If you have pets, real grass means muddy areas as well as areas of grass that simply die because they are your pet's favorite place to relieve himself.

There are many types, styles, and sizes of artificial grass available from which to choose. This artificial grass shag rug can be used inside or outside of the home. It is a great choice of artificial grass that will allow you to create a great space anywhere that you decide to put it.

About Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug By iCustom Rug

This indoor/outdoor shag rug was designed to look and feel just like natural grass. The rug is manufactured by iCustom Rug and measures 6 feet by 9 feet.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug Dimensions

The pile height of the fake grass is roughly 1.25 inches. This is a rather high pile height and is what gives this particular artificial grass shag rug it's great look and superior feel. You can place this fake grass carpet inside your home and create a green living space as it provides the feel of outdoors inside your home.

This rug can also be placed outdoors in a small area of your yard, on your patio, on your deck, or at your front or back door. It looks extremely real so people will not even realize that this rug is made out of synthetic materials.

The edges of the shag rug are bound so there is no need to worry about the edges fraying over time. You can easily cut this rug down to the right size and the edges will not fray.

The grass shag rug provides a soft footing and is great for going barefoot. Your pets and children will also love the soft feel of this artificial grass carpeting.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug Backside

The rug is stain resistant and has been UV stabilized. This means that you do not have to worry about the color fading when it is out in the sun for long periods of time.

It is easy to clean, simply hose it off when it gets dirty. The water will drain through the backing and the product will dry rather quickly. No more worrying about soggy muddy grass and mud being tracked throughout your home.

What Customers Say

There are currently 54 reviews about this particular fake grass carpet available on Amazon. The product currently has a 4.4 average rating out of 5 stars.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug

Most people rave about how realistic this product looks. Consumers state that the product really does look like real grass. They are happy with the color of the rug as well as the durability of it.

People have used the shag rug both inside and outside of their homes and are pleased with how well it lays and how good it looks.

While most people are pretty happy with their purchase, there are a few complaints. One of the complaints is that the customer was sent the wrong size of rug. The rug measured a full foot short of what it says it will be. This can be a problem if you have measured out a space for the fake grass carpet only to find out that it is too small to cover the space. If your space is smaller than the size of the rug you can easily cut it to fit.

Outdoor Artificial Grass Shag Rug

Another issue about the fake grass rug that was mentioned was that the backing of the carpet is black. When outside in the hot son, the grass can become really quite hot, which can pose a problem for those who live in hot climates and have planned to place this fake grass in direct sunlight.

Buying Advice

This artificial grass shag rug measures 6 by 9 feet. This is a fairly large piece of fake grass which can be used in an indoor or outdoor space. It looks similar to real grass and can provide a good alternative to using real grass in certain areas.

If you are using the mat outdoors it is important to note that it can get rather hot when sitting in the sun. While the top layer of grass does not get as hot as the base, it does get rather warm so you will need to be careful.

Fake Grass Rug
4.4 Star Rating

Overall, this is a good piece of fake grass carpeting that has numerous uses. It comes with good reviews as most consumers are happy with their choice of this product.


Fake grass carpeting has become more popular in recent years. These fake grass mats can provide the look and feel of real grass without all of the maintenance that is required of real grass.

Most fake grass carpets such as this one are rather easy to install, which just adds to the value of choosing fake grass over the real thing. If placing on a patio, simply roll it out and you are ready to go.

Green Synthetic Grass

This indoor/outdoor artificial grass shag rug allows you to create a nice green space wherever you put it. You do not have to worry about mowing it or using any chemicals on it. Simply wash it with water every once in awhile and it will last for a very long time.

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