Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass

Dogs Sitting on Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass

If you have pets and are considering an area of synthetic grass to use in your yard, Pet Zen Garden offers an economy brand of fake grass that has been specifically designed to be used in higher traffic areas.

This fake grass can be used for different residential applications such as for a deck, in a garden, for a small yard, to create a play patch, etc. This fake grass is marketed as being pet friendly turf because it has a high draining capacity.

About Zen Garden Premium Grass

Pet Zen is manufactured by the company PetZen Garden. It is sold on Amazon as well as in large warehouses or at home improvement chains such as Home Depot or Lowes. The product is fairly limited in application, but it will work well for smaller projects as well as for interactive home settings.

Dog Puppy Laying on Fake Grass

This particular fake grass is marketed to be used for pets because it has a rubber backing that contains drainage holes. These drainage holes help eliminate waste from the product. In addition, this fake grass is convenient for homeowners that have smaller spaces or who have children that play outdoors often.

This turf is not necessarily a premium fake grass product, but it offers good features for many home applications. It is affordable, can be installed by yourself, is easy to clean, drains well, and is safe for direct contact.

This synthetic grass by PetZen is sold in rolls. There are some places that will sell a smaller sample for you to inspect. Since the mats are not very thick they are fairly easy to cut, which makes installing them quite easy.

Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass Safety

This fake grass is a practical solution for small garden areas, play pens, or bare decks. The PetZen fake grass offers a great way to create a small garden in your home.

What Customers Say

There are currently 517 reviews of this product on Amazon. Out of these reviews the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars.

When reading through the reviews many people are very happy with the product. Most people have purchased this product for use with their pets. They install the synthetic grass as a place for their pets to use the bathroom. As mentioned, this artificial grass is advertised to be used with pets because of the drainage holes placed throughout it that help eliminate waste.

Dogs Sitting on Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass

When used in small spaces, people tend to be very happy with the product. They say that it looks like real grass and that their pets will use it without any issues.

However, there are a few negative reviews of the product as well. There seems to be a number of people who have received the wrong product when ordering. The biggest complaint is that they receive the wrong size rug.

Another big complaint about the product is that it seems that it sheds quite excessively. This has been a problem for several consumers who state that there are little rubber pieces that stick to their dog’s fur or on their shoes.

Buying Advice

There are several areas where this product excels and a few areas where it leaves much to be desired. When it comes to aesthetic quality, the Pet Zen Garden synthetic grass is colored with a dual blade coloring system that provides a more realistic look.

Dogs Running on Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass

The thatch of this product is a bit thinner than some other similar fake grass products, but it still appears fairly lush. The reason for this is because the material used to make the blades is a softer material which produces natural movements.

The texture and density of this turf is simply not ideal for larger residential areas. There are limited turf applications available from this company, which means there is not a lot to choose from when it comes to color, texture and density. This lack of choice makes the product okay for smaller spaces, but not great for any large area.

It is possible to improve the density of the synthetic grass. One option is to use an organic infill. This will help improve the fullness of the synthetic grass and will help keep the fake grass standing upright. Brushing and raking the grass frequently will also help the grass look better.

Pet Zen Garden Premium Synthetic Grass on White Background
4.2 Star Rating

This grass was designed with pets in mind and because of this it offers a rubber backing that is very durable and has drainage holes. This drainage system is one of the reasons that this brand is popular with pet owners.


When you are looking for artificial grass to use for your pets, the Pet Zen garden synthetic grass is going to be a choice that pops up over and over again in your search. This synthetic grass has been designed with superior drainage and is marketed towards pet owners.

One of the other reasons that this fake grass is so popular is because it provides an affordable option. It is highly accessible both economically and physically.

Black Dog Laying on Fake Grass

If you are looking for a decent fake grass product that provides a lot of versatility for your small living space, Pet Zen Garden is a good choice. This is a top selling brand of synthetic grass because of its affordability and easy of use.

However, it is important to note that this is not a premium choice of artificial grass. This fake grass does not do well for larger spaces. If you are planning to use artificial grass to replace the real grass in your entire yard, this may not be the best choice.

If you have a small area such as a deck, patio, or small garden that you would like to use fake grass for, the Pet Zen Garden is a good, cost effective choice that will help you create the space that you are looking for

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